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This was an old school Olympic style episode!  I am not talking about feats of athleticism either.  But I am ahead of myself.  Let’s start with Jocelyn’s opening remarks to the camera about Margaux being “kind of flat”.  Pot meets kettle and in a surprise twist, only one is black!  

I cannot tell a lie.  When the individual challenge is announced as featuring a male model I so dearly hope that model is Derek Zoolander.  Blue steel!  It isn’t.  I drown my disappointment in chocolate and move on.  Naomi demonstrates the challenge which is to film a Louboutin commerical that showcases those famous red soles while seducing said male model.  If I watched sports ever I still probably wouldn’t know who her model is but his height would be my first clue that he’s a basketball star.  I can’t help but notice that even Naomi’s hair obeys her.  That curl wound around her chin on cue.  There is a lot of blather about people being worried about Jocelyn as the major competition in this but her seduction makes a good case for the sexy appeal of cardboard and not much else.  Everybody else is good, not great.  Then Stephanie sashays out and despite intercut scenes of her talking about how awkward and nervous she is, she NAILS it.  She flattens the guy with a sexual tension that sees Naomi and Nigel rise up in admiration.  She is followed by Sandra who as far as I can tell is auditioning for Dracula instead of selling shoes.  Naomi proceeds to have a total laughing fit.  It is priceless.  Sandra’s response is dramatic, sassy, and culminates in her storming right out.  Stephanie wins the challenge and honestly, that’s rightly earned.  She deserves that hands down.  Every head in the room does a kind of surprised swivel suggesting that just now, in this moment, it is collectively realized that Stephanie is indeed a contender in the game. 

The team challenge is to pick a product and film a commercial for  I already like Team Karolina’s idea.  Devyn and Ebony, both African-American women, both moms, both into style - the pomade is a product they both use with something personal as a sales hook.  Team Naomi picks lip gloss and Naomi kiboshes it.  They suggest a beanbag chair instead (which Zi Lin adorably calls a ‘sand chair’).  Team Coco picks Margaux’s black blazer.  I am kind of with Coco on this - if you pick a basic black blazer, you better bring the spark to sell it.  Filming, due to no cuts and nerves, is kind of all over the place.  Team Karolina appears to pull it off.  Team Naomi is a mess.  And oh Team Coco… Stephanie is so natural and full of personality onscreen.  But Margaux… if she could have relaxed maybe?  She didn’t seem to have it.  And Coco did not look happy.

Cut to judging.  Team Karolina takes it.  I am a Team Coco girl all the way but I am genuinely happy for Team Karolina in this.  Devyn and Ebony hit it out of the park this time.

Naomi selects Zi Lin… jokes!  Zi Lin is singlehandedly holding Team Naomi together.  Sandra is the one chosen for elimination.  Coco selects Margaux - and justly, given Stephanie’s fantastic performances in both challenges - and Margaux is just so cute even in her upset.  Come on girl, buck up.  Look how strong Stephanie has been through three trips to elimination and how strong she’s become.  This is your cleansing by fire.  Emerge like a phoenix.  At this point I need to add on orders from my Roomie that Margaux is even more beautiful without all the eyeliner.  I concur that she has a very lovely natural face.

I’m just going to say I know who I’d vote for.  I don’t envy Karolina and yet at the same time this honestly is an easy choice.  Oh, class!  Margaux gives props to Stephanie in the elimination room.  That is style.  Somehow Sandra says “I got the looks but not the books” as part of her defense and I just… I have nothing.  I don’t generally support throwing other girls under the bus to save yourself but Karolina did specifically ask Margaux what she had that Sandra didn’t.  Ultimately, Sandra is chosen to leave.  Her unpredictability and lack of professionalism versus Margaux’s poise make this an easy choice, as I suspected.

Upon Margaux’s reappearance in the loft, the flood gates open.

There are sparks!!  They fly!!  Naomi rears up into an Olympian rage, clouds swirl around her, lightning rains down upon the mere mortals beneath her!  She talks about Margaux in highly unflattering terms as though Margaux is not actually sitting right there.  She calls Karolina an idiot - twice!  Karolina defends herself and her choice (and Margaux) but Naomi is a towering inferno of anger and tossing hair and clicking heels as she stalks out of the room.

It is at this very moment that the similarities between Sandra and Naomi, at least where personality are concerned, have never been more ironic.

Tune in next week when, presumably, all hell breaks loose.  When Hades surges out of the underworld and Naomi rides the heavens in a gilded chariot of pure icy disdain.

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